Me Mamadou DIAGNE

For the first time in our country, even in the sub-region, soldiers organize themselves Open Days to celebrate Human Rights with the support of the United Nations System, Humanitarian Agencies and NGOs.

Through this unprecedented initiative, the aim is to root a culture of peace and respect for human rights within our Armed Forces.

It aims to promote the common ideal of social progress and better living conditions in greater freedom, as affirmed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Indeed, what is emergence, if not achieve social progress and better living conditions in greater freedom; in other words, lift the population out of poverty to live with dignity.

To quote the phrase in UNESCO's Constitution: "Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be raised".

With UNESCO, let us bet on human rights education for those who wage war, to PROMOTE and root a culture of PEACE in our country, prior to our emergence in 2020.

Positive impacts of the initiative, on the reports Men in Arms populations with, in addition, the unquantifiable fallout on the life of the nation.

The main objective is :

« Bring the Armed Forces and Security to change their behavior vis-à-vis populations through respect for human rights and civil liberties in the exercise of their missions and restore confidence between the people and the Armed Forces and Security ».

These Open Days are, without any doubt, the essential base for the Defense and Security Forces and the civilian population to comply with the requirements of national cohesion, guarantor of a 2015 election year in peace and without violation of human rights. the man.

There are two main reasons why we want to involve the Military Tribunal in these Open Days. First of all, the military justice system is an instrument for promoting the rule of law and respect for human rights. It is the legal tool and the main accountability mechanism within the Armed Forces.

Finally, the reform and capacity building of the military justice system is also an essential tool for ongoing security sector reform.

It is essential to continually improve the effectiveness of our military justice system so that continued progress is made in improving the discipline and operational effectiveness of the FRCIs; and therefore their ability to fulfill the mission entrusted to them under the Constitution to protect the people in accordance with their obligations under our domestic law and international law, including in respect of Human Rights and Law International Humanitarian.

Drawing lessons from the post-election crisis of 2010 that led to the breakdown of civic relations between the different components of Ivorian society, we are given the opportunity to restore these relationships by organizing Open Days for three days..

It will be attended by officers, non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned members of all Defense and Security Forces, human rights organizations, humanitarian agencies, civil society organizations and people to join actions to promote Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

The Open Days on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law of the Armed Forces will take place from 04 to 06 December 2014 at the General Staff of the FRCI.

These Open Days are intended to promote Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law by raising awareness in the Armed Forces. They also aim to break the wall of mistrust between men in uniform and the populations.

They constitute an opportunity to show the civilian population that they can trust their Defense and Security Forces which have no other mission than to protect them in all circumstances. These days will also allow the military to know the actors of defense of the Human Rights in Côte d'Ivoire as well as the companies which are engaged in the promotion of these Rights (DH and DIH).

The invited organizations will animate booths in order to sensitize to DH and IHL more than five thousand military and civilians expected.

It is also an opportunity for administrative and military political authorities as well as civil society, to share with their Armies and civilian populations, their vision of an army respectful of human rights through conferences.

We hope that after these open days, our Security Forces, like their counterparts in a South American country that has experienced a long period of endemic violence, will be able to say: "We are proud of ourselves, we think we are doing our duty in front of the Ivorian people, we think that we can look at the international community right in the eyes, because we are a legitimate force to which the Ivorians have given all their confidence ".