LT SAHIRI CADHA Instructor / Human Rights

« the profession of arms imposes on us a noble and human attitude »

What has been your contribution in the implementation of the training project led by CADHA and its partners?

We have been asked in this project to contribute to the training and awareness of all the Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (FRCI) to basic notions of Human Rights. The leaders and partners of the initiative contacted us, as an instructor of International Humanitarian Law and instructor in Ethics and Military Deontology, to make our contribution to the project, in favor of the exit from the crisis.

How welcoming was the training on the ground and how was it done?

The craze was total on the ground. I directed a module that the military unanimously appreciated because it concerned them directly: "Ethics and Military Ethics" which relates to the behavior that the man-at-arms should have every day in the exercise of his profession.

This is a subject that has been discussed without taboos. We talked about the supports that govern our profession and which are, in a way, our guides, our breviary, the general discipline, the rules of service of the garrisons, and all the other books that govern the life of the corporation.

What motivated your action and do you feel that you have achieved your goal?

As a soldier, we have noticed that our Army has failed in many of its actions as part of its normal march; including before the crisis. Looking in the rearview mirror, one wondered whether military ethics and deontology can, among other things, allow the brothers in arms to get back on track. This is the problem that guided our action.

Initially, we are tempted to answer in the affirmative because "ethics and deontology" mean military have a noble and human behavior that also impose the profession of arms.

That's why from the outset we want to say yes. In the progression of training, we demonstrate, with supporting evidence, that this element is the bedrock of responsible behavior. Most of our listeners understood, in the end, the validity of our approach and learned from our teaching.

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