FDS Educators Training Workshop

On 07 and 08 September 2017, a training workshop for Peer Educators of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) on Gender-Based Violence was held in the conference room of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. VBG) and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (VSC). This workshop brought together officers, non-commissioned officers, and experts in human rights.

Organized by the Expert Pool of the National Committee to Combat Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CNLVSC), with technical and financial support from UNDP, the main objective of this workshop was to build the capacity of 50 FDS focal points on prevention and management of VSCs to raise awareness. Specifically, this workshop consisted of:

- Create awareness among the actors of the Security and Defense sector on respect for human rights, as well as on the manifestations and consequences of sexual violence in conflict situations; - Strengthen the capacity of 50 FDS in the prevention and response to sexual violence in conflict; - Sensitize 5000 SDS on the consequences of GBV and VSC; - Share experiences to identify good practices and lessons learned for the prevention and response to sexual violence in conflict situations.

To this activity, the CADHA made its modest contribution by presenting the module on GBV. Through a framework of exchanges, sharing and contributions, the participants became familiar with the modules taught during this workshop, and have the pleasure of disseminating their knowledge to their brothers in arms.